Your activities for the last five years

What do I need to provide?

You'll need to provide us details of all your medical and non-medical experience across the last five years. 

Examples of other activities are:

  • clinical attachments
  • unemployment
  • maternity leave
  • study leave
  • vacation
  • career breaks.

Do I need to send employer references?

You only need to supply employment references if, in the last five years, you've done:

  • non-medical work
  • medical work when you've not had registration or a license to practise with a medical regulatory authority.
  • an observership or clinical attachment exceeding two months in duration

You must provide a reference for each period of this type of work. Ask your employer to complete our reference form and email it to us directly from their official workplace email address. If this is not possible, they should be attached to your online application.

Each reference form must confirm the exact dates of your employment, indicate that you were of good standing during your employment, outline the nature of your work and show your registration requirements.

Reference forms for any current posts are only valid for three months from the date they're signed.

Breaks in practice

If you have had a break in your medical practice you may need to provide more evidence in order to get registration and find work in the UK.

If you hold a relevant European qualification (REQ) that is over two years old, we will look at your recent pattern of practice. If you have not practised for 60% of the time since graduation (or over the last five years, if you graduated more than five years ago) in a full time role, plus a minimum of 6 months in the last 12 months, then this may raise a question about whether you meet the necessary standard for registration in the UK, and we will require more information from you. 

Please read our guidance and criteria to find out more.