How do I organise my evidence?

We can deal with your application quicker if you make sure you only send us evidence that’s directly relevant. We would usually expect to see between 800 and 1,000 pages of evidence.

Evidence over five years old will be given less weight than more recent evidence, so you may not need to include it. 

Once you’ve submitted your application online, you should send us your evidence within 14 days.

Your evidence should be structured so that we can assess it properly. 

Your application dividers

It’s really important you download and print our divider pack to help you arrange and present your evidence correctly. You must follow the structure of these dividers when ordering your evidence.

Important points you need to remember

When we’ve assessed your evidence we’ll scan it so it can be sent for evaluation. Please bear in mind that: 

  • while the majority of your documents should be A4 in size, we can scan pages that are A3 or A5
  • double sided documents are acceptable
  • you mustn’t bind or staple your documents in any way
  • you mustn’t submit books or leaflets. Instead, you should submit photocopies of the relevant pages
  • you mustn’t submit your evidence in folders or plastic wallets.

Your evidence checklist

Once you’ve finished listing your evidence in your online application, you can print your evidence checklist, which will include all of the details you’ve listed.

Please use this checklist as the first page of your bundle of evidence and tick the relevant box to show that you’ve included each item in your bundle.

You can go back into your application and reprint your checklist as many times as you need to.

Submitting your evidence

  • It’s your responsibility to make sure you have all the pro-formas from your verifiers to accompany your evidence before you send this to us.
  • Your pro-formas must be submitted on the top of your evidence bundle. If you’re pro-formas aren’t on the top of your evidence, your application may be delayed.
  • You should only provide copies of your evidence and not the original documents.
  • Please make sure your evidence is submitted by divider (see above) and not by verifier or institution.