What happens after I apply?

Successful applications 

If your application is successful this means that you’ve met the assessment standards for both full and specialist or GP registration in full. You’ll be invited to attend an ID check at our offices and we’ll ask you to bring original versions of your documents for full registration to this.

You’ll have six months to attend. If you don’t have your ID check within this time your application will be closed and you’ll need to reapply. You must complete an ID check in the UK before your application can be granted. When you attend we’ll take your photograph and inspect your original documents.

We’ll confirm the documents we need you to bring before you attend.

I live outside the UK

Please consider whether you’ll be able to come to the UK in time for your ID check before you make your application. If you need to apply for a visa, you may need to gather your visa evidence before making the application, so that this doesn’t stop you attending you ID check. We can’t extend the time limit for any reason.

How coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected our ID checks

We’ve had to make some changes to the way we run our ID checks to comply with the UK Government’s guidance on social distancing.

See our guidance on attending your identity check for more information.