What do I do for full registration?

Full registrations 

You need to gather evidence for your full registration, as well as for your specialist or GP registration. Sometimes we’ll need to ask for additional evidence. If we do, we’ll let you know after we receive your application.

You need to provide copies of the following documents.

  • Proof of identity – include the relevant pages of your valid, up-to-date, signed passport.
  • Proof of your knowledge of English – if you’re using an IELTS or OET certificate to prove your knowledge of English, it mustn’t expire any sooner than one year from the date you submit your application. Please read our English Language guidance for more information.

You'll need to have your primary medical qualification independently verified before we can grant your registration with a licence to practise. Read about what this means for you.

Identity checks

We'll invite you to attend an identity check at our office in London.

You must complete an identity check before we can grant your application.

At the identity check we'll take your photograph and check your passport.

For more information about this, see our guidance on identity checks.

Evidence of your fitness to practise

You’ll need to give details of your registration and licensing for all the medical regulatory authorities of any countries where you:

  • have practised in the last five years
  • held registration or a licence in the last five years.

You’ll need to send us a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) or Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) for each authority on your list.

Please read our guidance on evidence of fitness to practise before completing your application. If you don’t give us all the information we need we’ll be unable to make a decision your application.