Specialities and Curricula

Assessing my application

If you’re applying in a CCT specialty you’ll need to provide evidence that you have the depth and breadth of competencies in the CCT curriculum for your specialty.

For non-CCT specialties you should read the curriculum which most closely matches yours to get an idea of what is required. 

The name of your specialty may not be exactly the same as the name used in the UK. If your specialty covers the same fields as a CCT specialty you may be eligible to apply.
You can check the fields of the CCT specialties in the curricula listed below.

CT Curricula


Non CCT is a specialty which hasn’t been approved by us for the award of a CCT. If you apply in a non-CCT specialty you must show that you meet the standards required of a consultant in any of the UK health services. Please see Non-CCT guidance.