What happens If I am unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applications 

If you aren’t successful, we’ll tell you why. We’ll give you a list of recommendations which will tell you what evidence was missing or the top-up training you need to complete.


A review application is a request for us to reconsider our decision not to grant your CESR or CEGPR application.

You can apply for a review within 12 months of receiving our decision on your application if:

  • You’ve additional relevant documentary evidence that addresses the recommendations in your decision, that you haven’t previously submitted.
  • You’ve completed the top-up training set out in our decision.
  • You think that there’s been a procedural error or other unfairness in the way we’ve processed your application or made our decision.

A procedural error could include where you consider that we haven’t complied with legislation, have deviated from the correct procedure, or where we’ve overlooked or wrongly assessed evidence.

Read guidance on how to apply for a review. 


You may have a right to appeal against our decision on your application. 

The Appeals team manage the appeals process. They are not involved in making decisions relating to entry to the Specialist or GP Register.

You're able to appeal within 28 days of receiving our decision.

You can read guidance on appeals.