Sending your evidence to us

Before sending your evidence 

When we receive your application, we'll send you an email which lists the documents that we need to see. You must send these documents back to us within 28 days of our email. 

Please read the email carefully and follow the guidance below before gathering your evidence.

How to send your evidence

  • Email or post scanned copies to us as one PDF or zip file (unless we ask you to send originals)

  • Use our email as a checklist and the first page of your bundle of documents

  • Sort the documents so they are in the same order set out in the email
  • Send clear, black and white photocopies, making sure we can read all information
  • Send A4 sized documents where possible
  • Post or email all documents to the exact address or email stated.

To help us to process your documents quickly

Please do not send:

  • any original documents (unless we have asked for them specifically)
  • any documents that we have not asked for in our email 
  • original translations – we cannot return these
  • framed documents
  • documents larger than A4 size
  • bound or stapled documentation, as we will have to dismantle it for scanning
  • documents in lever arch folders, plastic sleeves or presentation folders.

If we ask you to send original documents

Please provide a return address in the UK so that we can return these to you safely.

We'll keep some of your documents

We do not normally return:

  • copies of documents, including certified copies
  • certificates of good standing
  • compliancy letters
  • translations
  • letters addressed to the GMC