Taking your photo in the identity check app

How to take a photo on the digital identity app

Following each of these steps will help you to take a photo that meets our criteria:

  • Face forwards and look straight at the camera. Try to avoid looking down at your phone and instead hold your phone out directly in front of you. 
  • Make sure you don’t have hair covering your eyes.
  • Remove any head coverings, unless they are worn for religious or medical reasons, and any headphones. If you wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons, then please make sure we can see your whole face.
  • Make sure you’re in a well-lit area, avoiding any shadows on your face. If you can, avoid taking your photo in front of a window, because this will affect the quality of the photo.
  • Remove glasses if possible. If you’re unable to remove your glasses, please make sure your eyes aren’t covered by the frames and that there is no glare or reflection.
  • Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing. We receive a full headshot from your shoulders upwards. This is the photo we’ll share with your employer if requested. You can read more about how we share your photo in our privacy policy.
No glasses
No shadows

You won’t be able to review the photo you capture on the app before it’s submitted to us. If there are any issues with the photo you’ve taken, we’ll email you to let you know and advise on next steps.