How do I complete my identity check using the app?

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  2. How do I complete my identity check using the app?

Before you start 

You’ll need to have your identity document to hand.

We accept:

  • passports*
  • identity cards (with a machine-readable zone)
  • full UK driving licences.

We can’t accept:

  • provisional UK driving licences
  • expired documents
  • scanned or photocopies
  • Syrian passports*

We recommend using your passport. If you use a Full UK driving licence, we may need to contact you to ask for some additional information.

*We currently can't accept passports from Syria, due to the formatting of the issue date. We're working hard to make this possible.

Completing your check

Follow these quick and easy steps to complete your check using the app.

  • Watch our short video below – this explains the process and what you need to do.
  • Download the Digidentity app to your mobile phone – you'll need a phone with iOS 14 or Android 9 or higher.
  • Log into your GMC Online account – go to the 'My ID checks' section, click on 'Digital ID checks' and follow our step by step guide to completing your check. When you’re asked to create your Digidentity account, please use the email address we contacted you on to complete your check.
  • When you take your selfie, please try to take an acceptable passport style photo. 

If you need any support during this process, please contact Digidentity.

Guidance on taking your photograph

Your photograph should:

  • be a passport style photograph
  • be clear and in focus
  • not contain other people
  • be taken against a plain light-coloured background
  • be facing forwards and looking straight at the camera
  • not have anything covering your face.

We’ll keep this image on our system and we may share your photograph with your employer if they ask for it.

Once you’ve completed all the steps in the Digidentity app, it’s important that you go back to the ‘Digital ID check’ section of GMC Online and follow the steps on screen. This is so Digidentity can send the details of your check to us to review.

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