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What does ‘raise a concern’ about a health condition mean?

An employer could ‘raise a concern’ about how you managed a health condition if:

  • your behaviour or performance was affected
  • you didn’t follow independent medical or workplace advice about how to manage risks relating to your health condition
  • you didn’t tell your employer about risks relating to your health condition.

An employer could ‘raise a concern’ about how your health condition affected your ability to work as a doctor if it:

  • caused you to act unprofessionally
  • made you unable to perform your role as a doctor
  • caused you to fail parts of your medical course or miss deadlines more than once.
  • What is informal communication?

    Your employer might talk to you or email you informally after you’ve been unwell to make sure you’re well enough to study. For example, after a one-off illness or surgery. We don’t consider this to be raising a concern.