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You need to tell us about this health condition when you apply.

Next steps

  1. Make an application on GMC Online or go back to your application if you are applying now.
  2. Answer yes to the question on the page called “Your declaration of fitness to practise”.
  3. In the text box below the question, tell us:
  • what the condition is and how you are managing it.
  • whether you have told your current or future employer, or your medical school/university if you had the condition while studying medicine.
  • whether you have received independent medical advice and if you have, what treatment plan you are following
  • whether you have received and are following the advice of your education or training provider or employer to minimise any risk to patients and colleagues.

I need to check whether to tell you about something else

If you want to check another health condition or actions taken against you by the police or another organisation go back to the start.

Your answers

Answer 1 – You want to know about health conditions
Answer 2 – You have a health condition or used to have one
Answer 3 – You do have a communicable disease
Answer 4 – You have a serious communicable disease
Answer 5 – You are changing your status on the register or completing your annual return
Answer 6 – You've not told us about this condition before or something has changed