Attaching your documents to your application

Before you attach your evidence 

Please check the relevant guidance on our website for your registration pathway. You will need to attach the supporting evidence to your online application as you complete it.

How to provide your evidence

  • Attach PDF copies of your evidence to the Your Documents section of your application.
  • Use the individual evidence sections as a checklist and attach each document to the correct section. You can attach multiple documents to a single evidence section.

Where an evidence section is not applicable to you, or where it is being sent to us directly by a third party, select the relevant evidence status for that section and provide a reason why you are not uploading that evidence item in the description box. To help us to process your documents quickly:

  • Make sure that you check the guidance for your registration pathway to ensure that you do not omit any documents from your application.
  • Please attach all the relevant documents to your application before you submit it. You will not be able to edit your online application after you submit it, and any further evidence we require will be requested by email – if we need you to provide further evidence following our initial assessment, this will delay your application.
  • Please do not attach any documents we have not asked for.
  • If we ask you to send further evidence to us after we have completed our initial assessment, please send this to us as a single PDF bundle containing all of the documents we have asked for. The bundle should be attached directly to your email – please do not use links to file-sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

What happens next?

Your Applications Adviser will assess your documents and we will contact you by email with our assessment.

We aim to complete our initial assessment within five working days of receiving your application.