What is provisional registration?

Having provisional registration with a licence to practise means you can work in F1 training posts. The law doesn't let provisionally registered doctors work in service posts.

As a provisionally registered doctor, you can work in locum appointments for training (LAT) posts – but only if your foundation school has been involved in your recruitment to the post. Graduates from UK medical schools must also have the prior approval of their medical school to undertake a LAT post.

How long does provisional registration last?

You can hold provisional registration for up to three years and 30 days. You can ask for additional time to complete F1

Can I practise before you grant my provisional registration?

You must not start work in your F1 programme until you have provisional registration with a licence to practise. If you do, we'll have to investigate before we can consider your application.

Remember – it's your responsibility to make sure you:

  • hold the appropriate registration with a licence to practise

  • don't work outside the scope of your registration.

For example, you must not work in any post outside your approved F1 programme, or in a LAT post that hasn't been approved by your medical school and foundation school. 

Can I complete my F1 overseas?

F1 is still part of your basic medical education. If you’re thinking of doing your F1 year outside the UK, you should speak to your medical school and local foundation school to see if they are willing to approve and oversee the post. Find more about completing F1 overseas