Activating your account and completing a digital identity check

When should I activate my GMC online account?

We will invite you by email when it’s time to activate your GMC Online account. Once you have activated your account you will be able to complete your digital identity check using the Digidentity Wallet app.

Please activate your GMC Online account and complete your digital identity check as soon as possible after receiving our invite. If you need any support completing your check, please contact the UK support desk at Digidentity.

If you would prefer to complete your ID check in person at our office, please activate your GMC Online account then contact us.

When will I receive my invite?

The date we issue your invite will depend on the medical school you attend. You can see which month students from each medical school will be invited below;

October 2023 November 2023 December 2023  January 2024 February 2024 March 2024
University of Southampton
(BM EU programme, Kassel)
University of Glasgow King’s College London University of Bristol Aston University Imperial College London
University of Southampton (UK) University of Edinburgh   Anglia Ruskin University Brighton and Sussex Medical School University of Manchester
University of Newcastle (NUMed Malaysia) University of Dundee   University of Sunderland University of Cambridge University College London
University of Newcastle (UK) University of Dundee & University of St Andrews (ScotGEM)   University of Nottingham Hull York Medical School University of Central Lancashire
St George's Hospital Medical School (UNic Cyprus) University of Aberdeen   University of Leicester Lancaster University University of Oxford
St George's Hospital Medical School (UK) Cardiff University   University of Warwick University of Leeds
Queen Mary University of London (UK) University of Exeter   University of Birmingham University of Liverpool  
Queen Mary University of London (Malta) University of Plymouth   University of Buckingham University of Keele  
Queens University Belfast University of East Anglia     University of Sheffield  
Swansea University          

What happens when I’ve completed my digital ID check?

When you’ve successfully completed all the steps on the app, you’ll receive an email from Digidentity confirming that your registration is complete. This means that they’ve processed your details and there are no more steps you need to complete on the app.

Digidentity’s email does NOT mean that you hold GMC registration or can now practise medicine in the UK.

When Digidentity share the results of your check with us, we’ll manually review them and email you to confirm whether your check has been successful.

It can take up to ten working days for us to process your check, so please wait to hear from us. You can also monitor progress via the 'Digital ID check' section of your GMC Online account.

If there are any issues with your check, or if we need more information, we'll contact you to let you know and explain what your options are.

Further guidance

For more information about how to complete an identity check using the app, including a list of the ID documents we accept and an instructional video to guide you through the process, please read our guidance on identity checks.