What we mean by medical services on a temporary and occasional basis

Your intended practice in the UK must be both temporary and occasional to be entitled to this type of registration.

Temporary practice

Temporary practice is not any contract (whether permanent, temporary or fixed term) or agreement to provide medical services that is:

  • on a regular basis
  • on a frequent basis
  • on a continuous basis.

It is also not for an indefinite period, or for more than one month in total over a year.

Occasional practice

Occasional practice is: 

  • not regular
  • not frequent.
  • not continuous.

Examples of temporary and occasional services

Temporary and occasional services don't last for long – eg for a few days at a time. And they don't happen very often or regularly. We look at each doctor’s case individually.

Examples of temporary and occasional services include:

  • coming to the UK on a single occasion to work for a day or two – eg to do specialised surgery
  • providing services for a sports team visiting the UK sporadically and infrequently
  • an expert invited by a UK organisation to work for them on one or two occasions, each time lasting only a couple of days.
If you don't think the description of temporary and occasional services applies to you, you should apply for full registration.