Proving your knowledge of English

Why do you need to check I can communicate in English? 

We need to make sure you have the necessary knowledge of English to communicate effectively before we give you a licence to practise medicine. This is so you don't put the safety of your patients at risk. Communicating includes speaking, reading, writing and listening.

We'll ask you to give evidence that you have the necessary knowledge of English.

What happens if I dont give you evidence of my English skills?

If you don't give us your evidence or we're not satisfied with it, we'll approve your registration – but without a licence to practise. This means you won't be able to practise medicine in the UK.

If you give us your evidence before we complete the registration process at your identity check, and it meets our requirements, we will grant you both registration and a licence to practise.

If you don't give us this evidence, you'll need to make a separate application for a licence to practise after we've granted your registration at the identity check. You'll still need to give us evidence of your knowledge of English and your good standing if we have asked you for it before.