Changes to our application processes in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Do not send applications or evidence by post

Please use your GMC Online account to make an application. We’ll tell you what information we need and how to send this electronically when we receive your application.

We’ve suspended identity checks

Following the latest advice from the UK government, we have suspended identity checks at our office and as a result we will grant your registration without an identity check. Your status on the register will mention this. You must not practise until you have received separate confirmation from us that we’ve granted your registration

When the UK government changes their advice about travel and social contact, we will ask you to attend an identity check at our offices, in line with our usual processes. We will get in touch to let you know when you can make a new appointment. 


Provisional registration for European graduates

This guide is for European graduates. It explains how to apply for provisional registration with a licence to practise.

You are eligible for this route if you: 

and you: 

  • graduated from a medical school in the EEA or Switzerland
  • have not completed an internship (if you have completed an internship, you must apply for full registration).

You must have provisional registration with a licence to practise before you start your first year of the Foundation Programme (F1).

Why should I read this guide?
To find out what you need to do to make your application.
Next steps
Once you are ready to apply – make your application online. You can do this up to three months before you start your F1 post.