How do I provide my documents?

Attach your documents to your online application 

You can attach your evidence to the Your Documents section of your application in GMC Online.

Please attach each document to the relevant evidence section in the PDF file format. You can attach multiple documents to a single evidence section.

If an evidence section is not applicable to you, or where that evidence is being sent to us directly by a third party, select the relevant evidence status for that section and provide a reason why you are not attaching that evidence item in the description box. 

What happens after I've sent my documents?

Once you submit your application, we’ll complete a full assessment of it. This will usually take place within five working days. We’ll contact you if we need more evidence or information to support your application.

You cannot edit your online application after you submit it, so you should attach all your documents to your application before you submit it to us. If we require additional documents after your application has been submitted, these will be requested by email, and we will assess your application again when we have received them. This will delay the processing of your application.