Declaring your fitness to practise

What you need to tell us when you apply for registration

As part of your application, we'll ask you to answer 10 questions about your health and fitness to practise medicine.

Before you answer the questions, please open our 'What to tell us when you apply' tool. If you need help on a specific question, please read our guide on 'What to tell us when you apply'.

Depending on what you tell us, we may ask you to give us more information and to send documents to us. Please note that because you tell us something, it doesn’t mean that we won’t register you.

I have an issue to declare

If you have a fitness to practise or health issue to declare, you should apply for full registration three months before you plan to start your F2 post. This is because it might take us longer to assess your application.

If you have an open fitness to practise case you can still apply for full registration. But the open case may affect the outcome of your application.

Do I have to declare an issue I've previously raised?

If you declared an issue when you applied for provisional registration, you don’t need to declare it again – unless the issue has changed or it affected your F1 practice. You must declare any new issues that have arisen since you made your provisional registration application.

If you're declaring an ongoing health condition that you declared when you applied for provisional registration, you should give an update on that condition in your statement. You should include any changes to your condition and describe the effect it has had on your practice.