Translating documents that aren’t in English

What do I need to provide?

For every document that is not in English, you must send us:

  • the original document
  • a photocopy of the original document stamped and signed by the translation service
  • a complete and accurate English translation attached to the photocopy of the original document, also stamped and signed by the translation service.

All translations must include the contact details of the translation service or translator. 

Who can translate my documents?

 We strongly advise your translations are done by:  

  • court or council appointed translators
  • reputable commercial translation services. 

Before you use any commercial translation service, you should check that:

  • it has a generally recognised professional accreditation or
  • it has a membership with a relevant professional or trade association.

In the UK, professional associations of translators include:

All three provide online directories of their members which you may find helpful.