Full registration for international medical graduates who have passed an acceptable overseas registration exam

This guide is for international medical graduates who’ve passed an acceptable overseas registration exam. It explains how to apply for full registration.

You are eligible for this application if you:

  • graduated from a medical school outside the UK or Switzerland

and you:

  • hold an acceptable primary medical qualification

  • have completed an internship

  • have passed one of the following overseas registration exams:

    • United States Medical Licensing Exam: Step 1, Step 2 clinical knowledge and Step 2 clinical skills.; For Step 2 clinical skills, your pass must be on or before 13 March 2020.

    • Medical Council of Canada Qualification Examination: parts 1 and 2 (taken in English), passed on or before 27 October 2020.

    • The Australian Medical Council Clinical Examination (AMC) CAT MCQ and Clinical Examination. The clinical examination must have been passed on or before 5 March 2020 or taken and passed as a face-to-face OSCE after that date.
  • have passed each part of the exam including the knowledge tests and clinical skills components in four attempts or less. If you sat any part of the exam more than four times before passing, you will not be eligible for this application.

If your pass in the clinical skills component of an acceptable overseas registration exam is more than two years old, to be eligible for this application, you will need to have carried out medical practice for three out of the last five years, including at least six out of the most recent 12 months before you submit your application. You will need to provide consultant reports to evidence this. If your pass is over two years old and you haven’t completed this pattern of medical practice, you will not be eligible for this application.

Please note that if you have taken and failed PLAB part 1 or 2 after you passed any component of an overseas registration exam, either a knowledge or clinical skills test, you will not be eligible for this application.

Why should I read this guide?
To find out what you need to do to make your application. 
Next steps
Once you’re ready to apply, you’ll have to contact us to check your eligibility. Once we’ve confirmed you’re eligible we will send you an application form to complete.