I am ready to apply

Setting up a GMC Online account

You need to set up your online account for us to be able to send you an application form. 

If you don't have a GMC reference number, then you need to set up an account.

For more advice on setting up an account, please contact us.

Ready to start your application?

Once you've read this guide and understand the evidence needed to support your application, you’re ready to apply.

To start, contact us where we’ll be able to check your eligibility and send you an application form to complete. 

Submitting your application

Once you've gathered all the required evidence together and started the process to have your PMQ verified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), send your completed application form by email to img@gmc-uk.org. When we’ve got it, we’ll ask you to call our contact centre to make payment.