How do I send my documents?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – sending your documents

Our offices are closed at the moment so please don’t send your documents by post.


Send your documents by email 

When you’ve submitted your declaration, we'll email you a list of documents that we need to see. You must email scanned copies of these documents as one pdf or zip file.

We'll ask you for documents including a copy of your passport or identity card. We'll also ask you for the evidence listed on the next pages.

How long do I have to send you my documents?

You must send us your documents within 28 days of submitting your declaration. If we don't get them by then, we'll close your application and you'll need to make a new declaration.

Bring original documents to your identity check 

When you attend your identity check, you'll need to bring originals of the documents you have submitted. We can't accept copies or certified copies of documents at your identity check.