Changes to our application processes in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Do not send applications or evidence by post

Please use your GMC Online account to make an application. We’ll tell you what information we need and how to send this electronically when we receive your application.

Declaring your intention to provide temporary and occasional medical services

This guide is for doctors who are established in a European state other than the UK and:

  • want to make a declaration to provide medical services on a temporary and occasional basis in the UK

  • are not currently registered to provide medical services on a temporary and occasional basis.

We recommend you make your declaration three months before you plan to start work. This is in case we need you to give us more evidence, which can take time to assess.

If you want to renew an existing entitlement, you should follow this guide to renewing temporary and occasional medical services.
Why should I read this guide? 
To find out if you can apply for temporary registration, what information to send and how to make your declaration.
Next steps
Once you're ready – you can apply and make your declaration online.