Practising in challenging circumstances

Our expectations of your working environment 

When you join a new workplace, it’s your employer’s responsibility to provide a full induction, training and relevant equipment. 

You should only perform the tasks that are within your competency and job description. If you’re asked to perform at the limits of your competence for your stage of training, you should be supervised by an appropriately qualified senior doctor. 

You can find out more about what you can expect from your Foundation placements on the UK Foundation Programme Office’s website

Applying our guidance 

Our professional standards for doctors provide a framework for ethical decision making in a wide range of situations and levels of experience. This includes working during the pandemic. You should follow our guidance as far as you can, using your professional judgement to apply it to the situations you face.

If you think patient safety, dignity or comfort is being compromised in ways that are avoidable, you should tell a senior colleague or manager. You should work with colleagues to find a solution and keep a record of how you handled your safety concerns.

The UK's health services and medical professionals continue to face extreme pressures. We’ve recently updated the guidance our decision makers use when they are assessing individual fitness to practise cases. This means the context of the pandemic is taken into account and decisions are fair and proportionate to the circumstances.