Explore the assessment centre using VR

You can now follow the process of attending the PLAB 2 exam with the interactive 360° video VR app.

This will help you familiarise yourself with the clinical assessment centre at 3 Hardman Square and the exam process before you attend. You can access it on mobile, tablet or PC.

Access the VR app on your mobile or tablet

  • Install the Wonda VR app on your device from the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store.

  • Select the main menu icon (the three line icon in the top left corner).

  • Select 'launch experience via QR code' and scan the QR code image below.

QR code for plab two VR experience

Access the VR app from your PC

You can view the experience on a PC in a compatible browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge with a good wi-fi connection. You'll need to use this link to access the app from your PC.

If you have a PC VR headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality) select the VR icon within a compatible browser. For Windows Mixed Reality, you'll need to run the experience when using the headset with SteamVR.

Can't access the app? View a 360° video on YouTube

360 introduction to the PLAB OSCE. This is best viewed on the YouTube VR app with the settings on the highest quality resolution.

360 introduction to the PLAB OSCE (in standard format).