How do you appeal your PLAB 1 result?

When can you appeal your result?

An appeal is a request for a review of a decision, made by us about your performance in an exam. If you have attempted any part of the exam you have a right of appeal against the result if:

  • there is clear evidence of irregularity in the conduct of the exam (including administrative error), which has adversely affected your performance

  • there were exceptional circumstances, (for which clear documentary evidence must be provided), which adversely affected your performance. You are advised to submit details of any such circumstances as soon as possible after the examination (usually within three working days) and not wait until after you receive your results.

We will not accept an appeal for other reasons, such as:

  • you consider that your efforts were under-marked

  • you did not understand or was unaware of the exam procedures

  • you seek to question the exercise of professional or academic judgement.

If you want to appeal the result of the exam, you must have clear evidence of procedural irregularity which has adversely affected your performance.

How do you appeal your result?

You must contact us regarding your appeal within ten working days of the release of the results by email.

Any appeal submitted after this period must include an explanation and evidence as to why you could not submit it sooner and the appeal will only be accepted at our discretion.

What if you have a complaint, not an appeal?

If you want to raise an issue about any aspect of the exam, that is outside of the appeals procedure, you can make a complaint. You can do this by emailing us at within 28 days of the exam.

We may reclassify appeals to complaints or vice-versa at any stage in proceedings, in consultation with you.

How is an appeal investigated?

If the investigating officer considers the appeal is unsubstantiated or outside the permitted grounds, we will notify you of this and the appeals procedure is at an end.

If the investigating officer refers the case forward, they will submit it to a Head of Section (HoS). We will send you a copy of the submission. 

The HoS will consider whether the facts are proved and also consider to what degree you were adversely affected by the procedural irregularity if one occurred. They may discuss the case with panel members and relevant staff, or direct an investigating officer to undertake further investigations.

If the HoS considers the appeal is unsubstantiated or outside the permitted grounds, we will notify you and the appeal will be closed.

What happens if there is proof of irregularity?

If the HoS determines that there is clear evidence of procedural irregularity, which has adversely affected your performance, the following options are available.

  • The result will be annulled and you can re-sit the exam without paying the fee.

  • Other options can be offered at the discretion of the HoS.

How will you find out about the decision?

We'll email you within five working days of making our decision.

How can you appeal the outcome?

The only grounds for appeal is where there is clear evidence of a procedural irregularity in the consideration of the case.

We will not accept an appeal on the grounds that you do not agree with the original decision.

Where we consider your appeal fulfils the requirements above, and the HoS will consider the material and pass it on to the relevant Assistant Director (AD).

The AD will consider whether the disputed facts are proved.

Again, we'll email you about the decision and any remedy that has been applied. The AD's decision will be final.