Cancel a PLAB 1 place

How do you cancel or change the date of the exam?

You can cancel your booking in the 'My Tests' section of your GMC Online account.

If you want to change the date of your exam you must cancel your place and book again.

Cancellation fees refunds

Please see our PLAB cancellation fees.

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, you should first cancel your place and then email evidence of your circumstances. We will then consider whether we can refund your cancellation fee.

We will consider giving you a full refund where exceptional circumstances arise that prevent you from attending your exam such as visa refusal, the introduction of travel restrictions, ill health or bereavement.

Read our information about what to do if you are sick or absent on the day.

Cancellation of exam dates

We’re committed to offering PLAB 1 dates throughout the year at a wide number of venues, and we always plan to run these as scheduled.

There may be rare occasions where it’s not possible for us to run an examination and it’s necessary for us to cancel. Should this occur, all affected candidates will be contacted with as much notice as possible. Any booking fees will be automatically refunded, and where possible, the opportunity to book an alternative date will be offered.

The GMC will not be responsible for any expenses (such as costs for visas, travel or accommodation) incurred by any candidates in such an event, and we’re unable to offer reimbursement or compensation.