Travel restrictions and quarantine for PLAB candidates arriving into the UK

  1. Travel restrictions and quarantine for PLAB candidates arriving into the UK
  2. English language evidence
  3. Further advice and support

This chapter provides advice for PLAB 2 candidates about the UK government’s red list travel ban countries. If you’ve been to a country on this list in the ten days before your journey, you will be refused entry into the UK.

We've answered questions you might have about cancelling your existing booking and rescheduling your place, and provided guidance on what to consider if you plan to make a booking.

For those who can travel to the UK, it also provides information about current UK quarantine rules.

When new countries are added to the 'red' list, we’ll email affected candidates, with information about rescheduling their place.

We will also email candidates with future bookings at regular intervals if they're living in a country that remains on the 'red list'. Currently, we have contacted any candidates with a booking up to the end of December 2021. We will review this again by the end of November 2021. 

The UK government has published guidance on the countries from which entry to the UK is currently banned.

Your questions about PLAB 2 and the UK government’s red list travel ban countries

Please read through this section in full. If your question isn’t answered here and you need to speak to an adviser, you may experience a delay in receiving a response because of the high volume of enquiries we’re receiving. Unfortunately, we’re not able to answer questions about individual circumstance or provide immigration advice.

We appreciate how difficult this continued uncertainty must be. We’ll continue to do everything we can to support you into UK practice. 

Arriving into the UK

Passengers who can travel into the UK from overseas (excluding Ireland) must follow the red, amber or green list rules. The rules you need to follow will depend on where you have been in the ten days before you travel.

International medical graduates travelling to the UK to sit our PLAB tests are not exempt from these rules.

If we become aware you haven’t complied with quarantine laws, we’re obliged to report this to the police. It may also affect your registration.

If you’re no longer able to take your PLAB test on your booked date, please cancel your place as soon as possible on GMC Online.

We can’t amend or reschedule bookings, but you can check GMC Online for places that might become available in the future as a result of cancellations.