Availability in 2021

All our PLAB 1 places for tests held throughout 2021 are booked.

We will from time to time release additional seats where we are able to do so.

Occasionally, a very small number of seats might become available because of cancellations. You can check availability on GMC Online.

We’ll continue to work closely with the British Council and our suppliers to offer as many seats as possible in locations around the world.

Some venues have reduced capacity in order to comply with public health guidance in the host countries. If and when we can increase seats in any of our locations, we’ll do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience as you wait to book your place.

Applying for registration

We’re looking at a range of other options to help international medical graduates demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This year we made some changes to the options available for international medical graduates who want to apply for registration with us:

If you gained your primary medical qualification in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you might not need to take PLAB to join our register.

We’ve also recently added three overseas registration exams to the list of evidence we accept from doctors to demonstrate knowledge and skill. If you have passed one of these exams in the last two years, you might not need to take PLAB to join our register.

Check your eligibility for both of these new application types on our route finder and follow the instructions on the webpages.