Why do we require this?

Why does my qualification need to be verified?

It is important that we provide the public with the confidence that doctors have the medical knowledge, qualifications and experience to provide excellent medical care.

Verifying medical qualifications directly with the awarding institutions provides an extra level of assurance. This is in addition to what we already do to make sure doctors who qualify outside of UK are safe to practise.  This level of assurance is becoming increasingly important as more and more doctors cross borders to practise medicine.

How does verification benefit me?

Many medical regulators around the world are introducing this as a part of their application processes.  Once your qualifications are verified, you can use EPIC to provide proof to other medical regulators who use ECFMG for this service; there’s no need to have them verified again. This can save you time and money, if you choose to work in a country outside the UK.