What happens if I declare a condition?

If you answer yes to a question in your declaration

If you answer yes to any of the statements, we’ll ask you to provide further information about your health condition in your online application as well as:

  • how it has affected you
  • how it has affected your medial practice or studies
  • how you are managing it
  • any relevant dates of occurrences and treatment

Once we have your information, we’ll aim to assess it within five working days.

If we need more information or any supporting evidence we’ll let you know. In a small number of cases, we may ask for more information from a third party. For example, from an occupational health practitioner, a doctor or a health professional who is treating you. But if we do, we’ll ask for your consent.

We treat your health information with confidence

We treat all matters about your health in the strictest confidence. We only share information with those who need it to deal with your application, such as the caseworker and the assistant registrar (the decision maker) who is dealing with your application. If the assistant registrar wants advice from a registration panel, your application will also be shared with the panellists.

Our staff and registration panellists have all had comprehensive training on keeping confidential information secure.

We make decisions on health issues as quickly as we can

We know how important it is to give you a quick decision on your application, so we make decisions on applications as soon as we can. Throughout the process we give you regular updates on how your application is progressing. In most cases – about 80% – where a health condition has been declared we make a decision to approve an application within four weeks. 

Some applications can take a little longer

Some applications can take a bit longer for a number of reasons. For example if there are a number of complex factors to consider or if we are waiting for evidence from you. Or in some cases, an assistant registrar will decide that they need advice from a panel. If your application is referred to a panel for advice we will give you:

  • the date of the panel
  • opportunity to send further information to us
  • further information about what happens at the registration panels.

Very occasionally, in exceptional circumstances, we have to make the difficult decision to refuse an application. If we refuse your application, we’ll send you a detailed report to explain our decision. You’ll also have a right to appeal the decision. If your application is refused, you can make a further application and send evidence to show that you’ve addressed the concerns we identified in our decision.  

You can help speed up our decision on a health issue

Where we can grant a licence, we want to give you our decision early so that you are ready to take up your offer of employment. You can help by:

  • making your application at least three months before you first need to start work.
  • giving us all the information we have asked for, promptly
  • keeping your contact details up to date by logging on to GMC Online.

If you do not send us the information we ask for in the timeframe we give you, or keep us up to date, then we may close your application.