Do I need to tell you about my health condition?

In your application you will be presented with the statements in the green boxes below. If a statement applies to you, you'll need to tell us more about your health condition. To help you, we have explained each statement in the text below it. 

Throughout this guidance, we use the term ‘health condition’ to mean an illness, injury, disability, or impairment. This includes physical and mental conditions.

The questions

Statement 1

I have, or have had a health condition(s) which required me to change one or more aspects of my medical training or practice, to enable me to work safely with patients or to continue my training.

A ‘change’ in this context means that you have been advised or requested to change your practice, training or study. This could include adaptations to equipment, additional support, facilities or changes to your working arrangements such as less-than-full-time work. The change could be required or recommended by your medical school, foundation school, employer, occupational health service, treating physician/health professional, or you might have requested it yourself.

Statement 2

I have, or have had, a health condition(s) which has resulted in an interruption to, or breaks in my medical practice or studies, including retaking any part of my course or assessments/exams.

An interruption means one or more breaks that have had a major impact on your medical practice, study or clinical placements due to a physical or mental health condition.

For medical students, this is most likely to mean breaks that have resulted in you becoming 'out of step' with your peers.  For example, this might have meant that due to your condition you will graduate a year later than planned, or you have had to stop your studies for a significant length of time and re-joined your course at a later point.

For established doctors, this is likely to result in you having taken a significant break from, or ended your employment or interrupted your training. If your physical or mental health condition was not a reason for an interruption or break, you don’t need to declare it here.

Statement 3

I have, or have had, a health condition(s), which has resulted in conditions being placed or undertakings being agreed in relation to my medical practice, training or registration.

A ‘condition’ means certain restrictions have been placed on your practice (such as not performing a particular procedure).

An ‘undertaking’ is an agreement, usually between a medical regulator or a medical school and you, about how you will adjust your practice to ensure patient safety. Undertakings may also include restrictions on your practice.

Statement 4

I have, or have had, a health condition(s) which has been considered under fitness to practise proceedings whether in the UK or overseas.

‘Fitness to practise proceedings’ means a process to decide whether your fitness to practise is impaired, resulting from concerns about your ability to practise safely and effectively.

For students, this includes fitness to practise processes within medical schools, or any other medical school investigation into the impact of your health or ability to complete the course.

For established doctors, this may have been proceedings carried out by your employer or by a medical regulator either in the UK or overseas.

Statement 5

Is there anything about your physical or mental health, which could prevent you meeting the standards described in our guidance?