When we consider the acceptability of overseas Primary Medical Qualifications

We will assess the acceptability of an overseas qualification in a number of circumstances, including:

  • Where queries arise about a qualification during an application for registration with an overseas Primary Medical Qualifications (PMQ)
  • prior to an individual sitting the PLAB test, they must ensure their qualification meets all of the criteria. If you choose to sit PLAB with a qualification that is later assessed as being unacceptable, you will not be entitled to a refund of your PLAB fees. If you are unsure if your qualification meets our criteria, you should contact us.
  • queries from an individual doctor about the acceptability of their overseas PMQ
  • where an institution is not available to select when an applicant is setting up their GMC online account
  • applications for the review of an overseas PMQ from the body or institution awarding the PMQ (for example where the PMQ is currently listed on our unacceptable or case by case list)
  • where there is evidence that raises a question about the acceptability of an overseas PMQ which we currently accept.

A review of an overseas PMQ may result in the qualification being considered:

  1. acceptable at this moment in time
  2. acceptable only in some cases
  3. currently not acceptable.

We will share the outcome of our assessment of an overseas PMQ with the individual and/or institution concerned. The list of qualifications we may accept and qualifications we do not accept will be kept up to date.