Qualifications not listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools

Some qualifications aren't listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools.

We only accept these qualifications where:

  • the country awarding the qualification is not recognised by the United Nations, or
  • it is a primary European qualification but the applicant is not a European national or entitled to be treated as such, and
  • it meets all of our current acceptability criteria.

We accept qualifications from the schools listed below. 

Country Medical institution 
  • University of Udine

Palestinian Territories

  • Al Quds University
  • An-Najah National University
  • Gumma University
  • Islamic University Gaza


  • Chang Gung University
  • China Medical University (formerly known as: China Medical College, Taichung)
  • Chung Shan Medical University (formerly known as: Chung Shan Medical and Dental College)
  • Kaohsiung Medical College
  • National Defense Medical Centre
  • Taipei Medical University (formerly known as: Taipei Medical College)
  • National Taiwan University
  • National Yang Ming Medical College


My qualification isn't in the directory and isn't listed above

If your qualification isn't listed above, but you think it should be, please email gmc@gmc-uk.org. You need to include your GMC reference number (if you have one) and full details of your medical school.

We'll make an assessment as quickly as possible. But note there can be delays when we need to get information from the medical school.