Applying for provisional registration

If you have a place on the Foundation Programme (F1) in 2021 you need provisional registration before you start work. Find out how to apply, if you haven’t already.

UK medical students

How to apply

  • Log in to GMC Online, check that your personal details are correct, and then start your application.
  • Declare any fitness to practise or health issues that we need to know about. Use our guide or declaration tool to help you understand what you need to tell us.
  • Once you’ve completed your application, submit it to us. 
  • We'll email you to confirm we’re processing your application.

Processing your application

If you declare any fitness to practise or health issues, we’ll let you know within five working days whether:

  • we've approved your application
  • we need more information
  • your application is being referred for further investigation.

As soon as we’re able to approve your application, and your medical school confirms that you’ve graduated, we’ll grant your provisional registration. We’ll then send you a confirmation email and you’ll be able to check your entry on the medical register.

We’ll also send your provisional registration certificate to you in the post. That's why it’s important you make sure your GMC Online account has your up to date contact details.


If you’re a UK medical student, we can only grant your provisional registration once your medical school tells us that you’ve graduated. When they do this, your medical school is confirming that you:

  • are fit to practise medicine
  • have met the curricula outcomes of the course, and our standards and outcomes
  • and have met any relevant university regulations. 

European and international medical graduates

If you’ve graduated from a medical school outside of the UK and you have a place on the Foundation Programme in 2021, you need to apply for provisional registration with us. You won’t be able to start your F1 post in August without it.

For more information about how to apply, how we process your application and ID checks, use our applying for registration tool.

Provisional registration time limit

Once you’ve been granted provisional registration, you have three years and 30 days to progress to a Foundation Year 2 (F2) post. We’re unable to change this time limit but if you need additional time, there are options to make sure you aren’t disadvantaged by early provisional registration:

  • If you stop working, you can give up your registration and the time limit will pause until you re-join the register. 
  • If you have less than six months of provisional registration left and you’re still in your F1 post, you can ask us for an extra 360 days to allow you to finish it.