Working to support the pandemic response

If you still hold temporary emergency registration you can work as a doctor to support the pandemic response until it closes. 

The health services across the UK are responsible for how and where doctors are asked to practise. But you may find the following information and advice about this type of registration helpful.

What can you do with temporary emergency registration?

You should only use this registration to support the response to the pandemic. You can carry out activities including:

  • treating coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, including NHS patients treated in independent sector organisations
  • backfilling in routine NHS clinical, or commissioned, services for colleagues who have been moved to treat coronavirus patients
  • working flexibly in routine NHS clinical, or commissioned, services to clear backlogs created by the pandemic
  • working in other roles linked to the pandemic including track and trace, NHS111 services or the vaccination programme.

If you want to work in areas that aren’t related to the pandemic, including private practice or formal training posts, you should apply to restore your routine registration and licence to practise.

Using your temporary emergency registration

To find out about the types of roles that might be available to those holding temporary emergency registration or a licence, please contact the relevant organisation for the country you’re interested in working in:

  1. England
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales

As the UK regulator of doctors, we’re responsible for your registration. We don’t have a role in deployment, so we won’t be able to help with any enquiries about this. 

Your own health and wellbeing

We recognise that all healthcare professionals are working under huge pressure. It’s important that you consider your own health and wellbeing if you choose to work in support of the pandemic response.

Our wellbeing resources for doctors signpost to sources of support and advice for the profession.

Practising in challenging circumstances

If you’re working in support of the pandemic response, you should follow our ethical guidance for doctors as far as is practical in the circumstances. Our professional standards for doctors provide a framework for ethical decision making in a wide range of situations.

Our working under pressure webpage answers frequently asked questions about how to apply our guidance in times of high service demand.