Working during the pandemic

We understand that you may have questions about returning to work.

The health services across the UK are responsible for how and where doctors will be asked to practise, but you may find the following information and advice helpful.

Your own health

Returning to work is a personal choice. It’s likely that you’ll want to consider many issues before deciding what to do. If you are in an at risk group, you may find it helpful to consider the government’s Staying alert and safe (social distancing) guidance. 


We recognise that all healthcare professionals are working under huge pressure. It’s important that you consider your own health and wellbeing as this situation develops. Many organisations who represent doctors have published helpful guidance, including the BMA’s COVID-19: your wellbeing guide. We’re also regularly updating our information and advice to support the profession during this difficult time.

Practising in challenge circumstances

If you return to work during the emergency, you should follow our guidance as far as is practical in the circumstances. Our professional standards for doctors provide a framework for ethical decision making in a wide range of situations.

We’re regularly updating our information and advice for doctors as the situation develops.