Restoring your routine registration and licence

If you’re considering returning to practice on a more permanent basis, we can support you to restore your routine registration or licence to practise. Holding routine registration and a licence means you can continue to practise after temporary emergency registration closes on 30 September 2022, or work in areas not directly linked to the pandemic.

The application process to restore routine registration and licence may be different depending on if you have used your temporary emergency registration or not.

If you haven’t practised using your temporary emergency registration

If you have temporary emergency registration, but haven’t used it to practise in the UK during the pandemic, please complete the Restoration form to apply for routine registration or the Applying for a licence to practise form for a licence to practise.

If you have practised using your temporary emergency registration

If you’ve used your temporary emergency registration or licence during the pandemic, please complete our application form to begin the process of restoring your routine registration and/or the application form to restore your licence to practise.

We recommend you submit your application as soon as possible to ensure you can continue practising after this type of registration ends on 30 September 2022. 

Applications can take us three months to process, and we can’t guarantee that if you submit yours after 30 June, we’ll have completed it by the time we have to remove your temporary emergency registration. You’d therefore need to stop working until we’ve approved your application. 

Supporting you to return to practice

If you are considering restoring your routine registration so that you can return to practice, there are a number of programmes and resources to support you:

  • NHS England’s health careers has practical advice on returning to medicine after a break as well as information about different training opportunities.
  • If you’re planning to work in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you should contact the health service in the relevant country for advice.

For GPs, there are various schemes to support your return to general practice: