Frequently asked questions

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Your guidance says that I can only use temporary emergency registration to support the response to the pandemic. How can I be sure that the role I’m doing meets this criteria?

We expect employers, or the organisation, scheme or service doctors are contracted to, to ensure that any roles offered to doctors with temporary emergency registration are part of the ongoing response, management and impact of the pandemic.

We don’t expect doctors to assess the suitability of roles beyond seeking assurance from their employer that it relates to the pandemic response.

Do I need insurance and indemnity cover for any work I do with temporary emergency registration?

Yes. All doctors must have appropriate insurance or indemnity arrangements in place to cover their practice in the UK.

Earlier in the pandemic, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) put special healthcare arrangements in place to cover doctors under the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus. Those arrangements have now ended but healthcare professionals are covered for any claims made while that scheme was in place.

Now, the DHSC has confirmed that indemnity arrangements for doctors with temporary emergency registration, who are working within the NHS, are through existing state-backed indemnity schemes:

  • In secondary care, there are state-backed indemnity schemes, such as the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts in England, if you’re employed or contracted to work at an NHS trust or health board.
  • In primary care, there are state-backed indemnity schemes such as the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice in England, if you’re employed or contracted to work at a GP practice.  Not all UK countries have state-backed indemnity schemes for primary care so if this applies to you, you’ll need to arrange your own cover.

If you’re working in other settings, such as in private businesses, you’ll need to check whether you’re covered by the indemnity arrangements of the business or arrange your own cover if you’re not.

We would advise doctors to contact their employer and medical defence organisation to check they’re fully covered for any work they do using temporary emergency registration.

I’ve previously held temporary emergency registration but asked you to remove it. Can I opt back in to support the pandemic response?

If you’ve previously asked us to remove your temporary emergency registration but are now interested in using it to support the pandemic response, please email us at

You’ll need to provide us with evidence of the activities you plan to undertake using this type of registration. We’ll use this to assess your eligibility and confirm whether we’re able to give you temporary emergency registration. If we’re not able to give you this type of registration, we’ll advise you what your other options might be. 

Do I need registration or a licence to practise to support with the vaccination programme?

You may be able to support the vaccination programme without holding registration or a licence to practise. However, we can’t advise on this, so please speak to your employer, or the organisation, scheme or service you’re contracted to, about their requirements.

What support is available to pay the fee to restore my routine restoration fee and my annual retention fee?

There is a range of options we can offer to support you. For example, if your total taxable income from all sources, including your pension, is under £33,000 you may be eligible for a 50% reduction on your annual retention fee.

You can also spread out the cost throughout the year if you pay via direct debit. We’re happy to discuss these and other options with you. Please email or call 0161 923 6602.

How can I pay my annual registration fee?

You can pay your fee online using the GMC Online portal.

If you have a direct debit set up, your payment will be made as scheduled.