About temporary emergency registration

As part of the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the UK government activated section 18a of the Medical Act (1983), which enabled us to grant temporary emergency registration.

In September 2023, it was confirmed that this form of registration will close at the end of March 2024.  

If you still hold temporary emergency registration or licence, we’ll need to remove it before this date. You’ll need to stop working unless you’ve restored your routine registration and licence to practise.

Read our removal of temporary emergency registration policy to find out about our approach, and how we’ll handle any concerns that are raised with us about doctors who held this type of registration or a licence to practise. 


We haven’t charged doctors a fee for holding temporary emergency registration, as they have been given this as part of the response to the pandemic.

If you held registration before we gave you temporary emergency registration, you’ll continue to pay your usual fee to remain on the medical register.

If you have any questions about your fee, or how to pay, please see our frequently asked questions or contact us.


Doctors don’t have to participate in revalidation while holding temporary emergency registration. However, it’s important that you engage in local clinical governance processes, such as appraisal.

Please speak to your employer, or the organisation, scheme or service you’re contracted to, to make sure you have access to support.