What to check

Search the medical register

When you search our medical register you should check the following.

  • Does the doctor hold registration?
  • Does the doctor hold a licence to practise?
  • Does the doctor’s type of registration and their licence to practise allow them to undertake the post you're employing them for?
  • Do any conditions, warnings or restrictions apply?
  • Does the GMC reference number the doctor has given you match the details shown on our online register?
  • Are you sure of the doctor's identity?
  • If the doctor wants to work as a GP in the UK health service, are they on the GP Register and the relevant performers list?
  • If the doctor is hoping to work as a consultant in the UK health service, are they on the Specialist Register?

Extra checks for employers

You should check that the doctor is proficient in English.

NHS Employers has produced guidance on employment checks, which includes:

Their guidance also includes information about all the other pre-employment checks you should make.

You may want to find out who the doctor’s current responsible officer is. It will help to give them some evidence or feedback for the doctor’s annual whole practice appraisal. 

Ongoing administrative checks

Do regular checks to make sure your doctor’s status on the register has not changed. This will avoid disrupting your services. 

Doctors may be erased from the register for administrative reasons. These are things like:

  • not paying their annual retention fee
  • not keeping their address up to date.

If you have access to NHS Electronic Staff Record, or our medical register download service, you can use them to check for changes in your doctor's registration status.

Doctors who are removed from the register under our administrative procedures but who are required to work should contact us urgently. This is so they can apply to be restored without delay. They must not work until they are restored to the register.

Fitness to practise checks

We will tell you if we're investigating a doctor we know you employ or contract with them.

You should tell us if you're concerned about the fitness to practise of a doctor you employ or contract with.

A guide for health professionals on how to report a doctor to the GMC.

Other information you need

If you need other information about a doctor's registration or licence to practise which is not public, or you cannot find the doctor on the medical register please email registrationhelp@gmc-uk.org.