Clinical governance for doctors

Developing, operating and quality assuring clinical governance for doctors is a key responsibility for organisations and boards. It includes making sure there are clear lines of accountability throughout organisations and visible leadership from boards. Encouraging and actively supporting the professional development of doctors is also an important feature.

There are a number of processes and activities which can support clinical governance for doctors. This handbook focuses particularly on those outlined in the RO regulations:

  • Medical revalidation
  • Identifying and responding to concerns
  • Pre-employment checks.

The RO Regulations only impose obligations in respect of pre-employment checks on responsible officers in England; Reg. 16(2) Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010.

Medical revalidation is a fundamental part of clinical governance for doctors. It provides patients and the public with assurance that doctors in the UK are part of a governed system which checks their fitness to practise on a regular basis and supports their continuous improvement and development. It also supports the identification and management of concerns at an early stage. 

Find out more about the specific roles and responsibilities for those involved in the management and delivery of medical revalidation, including responsible officers.