Protection of the GMC’s corporate identity and use of the GMC logo by external parties

This page outlines our policy on protecting our corporate identity and the use of our logo by external parties.


It is important for the protection of the public and the maintenance of professional standards that our logo is not used in circumstances that may mislead readers about the particular provision or subject to which the logo is intended to apply.

For this reason our logo – English and Welsh language versions – are registered trade marks of the GMC and their use is not permitted without the express, written permission of the GMC as their owner. Where necessary, we will take appropriate legal action to restrain any unauthorised use.

Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which we will consider authorising the use of our logo by external parties. This policy aims to provide clarity over such use.

Use of the GMC logo by doctors and providers of medical services

Any doctor who is registered with us (whether they hold a licence to practise or not) is entitled in any document to state that they hold such registration and to identify themselves using their unique GMC reference number.

The registration status of a doctor does not in itself imply that we have endorsed the services and quality of an individual doctor, group of doctors or their employing or contracting organisation. Therefore, to prevent such an impression being given, the GMC logo may not be used in any way that might give rise to any such implication to any person, including a patient or prospective patient, or an employer/contractor or prospective employer/contractor of that doctor.

Any doctor, group of doctors or employer/contractor of doctors who wishes to use our logo in any other context, for example to illustrate guidance on how to make a complaint, may do so only with our express, written permission.

Use of the GMC logo for other promotional or educational purposes

Where an individual or organisation wishes to promote some aspect of the GMC’s work, for example to illustrate educational material explaining the role of GMC standards guidance, it may apply to use the our logo. All such requests will be considered on an individual basis depending on the context in which it is intended to use the logo.

Proper use

Permission for the use of the GMC logo is at our absolute discretion and will be given for a specific use only. It does not represent blanket permission for an individual, company or organisation to use the logo.

Permission to use the logo is subject to it being used according to our guidelines, may be time-limited and subject to any disclaimer that we require.

Permission to use the logo can be withdrawn at any time after it has been given at the discretion of the GMC.


If you wish to use the GMC logo you should apply to the Publications Manager in the Communications department at the GMC and include:

  • your name, organisation (where relevant) and contact details.
  • a description of your proposed use of the logo including why you want to use the logo, where the logo would appear, the duration and geographical extent of the proposed use and how the GMC logo would be displayed relative to any other organisation logo.
  • a mock-up or sample artwork of how you propose to use the GMC logo.

Following submission, we will evaluate your request and contact you if further information is required.

If approval is granted, you will be sent formal written authorisation to use the logo, electronic artwork and any conditions on use.


Further information or requests to use our logo should be sent to