Free new app will help you log your learning on the go

10 August 2015

We’ve launched a new mobile app to help you log your learning on the go.

Our new app, called GMC My CPD, is designed to help you record learning points in minutes. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can log learning points at any time and even record learning activities offline.

We developed the app following feedback from doctors that they found it challenging to record ongoing CPD and that an app would help.

As well as providing a way to record a learning activity in less than two minutes, it also supports reflective learning.

We built the app with a group of doctors who helped shape and test the product. It complements existing CPD records systems so you can export your learning from the app to another system quickly and easily.

The app is available free on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

What do doctors say about it?

We trialled it with a group of doctors during June and July. Here’s what some of them said.

Eleanor Tillett, a doctor in sports and exercise medicine: ‘Brilliant! So useful. Easy to access, and lets me jot something down quickly at the time which I can reflect on and complete later.’

Robert Beardsell, GP: ‘I like that the ability to record CPD is with me all the time. It is the most convenient way of recording and organising your CPD ever!’

What are the key features?

You can:

  • log a learning activity in less than two minutes
  • set yourself a reminder to check whether planned changes to your practice have worked
  • take photographs of certificates and flowcharts, for example, as part of your learning record
  • make voice recordings to support written notes
  • export all your learning to another system, or produce a report of your learning to take into your appraisal meeting.

How do I access the app?

You can use the links below or go to the app store on your device and search for ‘GMC My CPD’.

The app is available on Android 4.0.3 or above and iOS 7.0 or above. Android and iOS account for the majority of the UK market share held by mobile operating systems.

The app is not currently available on Windows Phone, BlackBerry or other mobile operating systems. This is because of the very high development costs relative to the potential number of users.

The app will not run on a rooted or jailbroken device. This is in line with guidance sought from a leading information security partner on the serious information risks associated with running applications on a rooted or jailbroken device.

FAQs and user guide

More advice about the app can be found at



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Nadim (2 years ago)

I was initially reluctant. . Now that I have used it I quite like it

Sarah (2 years ago)

I too have a windows phone

Dave Prosser (2 years ago)

Online access (such as the eportfolio or nhs mail, which stores similar sensitivity data), would be:
a) accessible by all platforms
b) more ergonomic for working on computers (typing and linking of articles/podcasts/emails/posters etc)
c) be more adaptable to use as evidence for revalidation in the multitude of specialties/hospitals

I like the app, but isolating to several smartphone platforms clips it's wings. Every doctor uses computers, all of us have email, some of us have iPhones. Institutional discrimination? Exclusion? Not very GMC...

Simon Winterton (2 years ago)

Windows App please

tracey watson (2 years ago)

Windows version please.

Dr James F. Sharp (2 years ago)

Many doctors own Windows phones because the encryption and software is fully compatible with NHS email and all Windows software as used by nhs and GP organisations

It would be very helpful to have a Windows phone version of this app

John Harrison (2 years ago)

Please may we have a Windows phone version of the app?


michael power (2 years ago)

Welcome app! It would be great if RCP on line diary could be updated automatically

Wen-Xern (2 years ago)

If only this was more integrated into the e-portfolio systems used with encouragement within the system (educational/clinical supervisors) by realising its convenience (i.e. just pulling out their smartphone to record portfolio/cpd evidence and getting it counter signed by the supervisor)

sathish jayagopal (2 years ago)

No use for me - using windows phone.

dr ali khammas (2 years ago)

it sounds good way to record daily learning experience

ken (2 years ago)

I would use this if it was available on windows phone. It is not a good enough reason to change platform

Conor (2 years ago)

Could you please make this available for download on Android devices in the Ireland? There are many doctors who work in both UK and Ireland and we cannot download the app. Thanks in advance.

Dr Sunil J Ankolekar (2 years ago)

Very nice app and easy to use. I have completed 2 reflections. I am sure this will make my CPD and reflection easy to manage. Thanks GMC

N Rao (2 years ago)

Sounds great!!! but could you please make this available to Windowsphones as well please. Techie's think only Android and Iphones are two types of phone....., but significant number of doctors have windows phone too. Thanks

susan waterworth (2 years ago)

Same comment as many others. All these recent 'indispensible' apps seem to ignore windowsphone

Kasra Taherian (2 years ago)

I welcome the app development but you should cater for the needs of all doctors not just some. I am a windows phone user and am very disappointed that a windows version has not been developed. Please do so at the earliest or you are leaving the likes of me at a serious disadvantage for no justifiable reason. After all we pay as much retention fees as android users.

Ebrahim (2 years ago)

I use Evernote which works on all devices including laptops and computers. What is the use case for switching [USP]?

Ebrahim (2 years ago)

The GMC is not a software company. Who developed the app? App iteration cycles are very short. What resources are available for dealing with this - devices, OS, etc.?

What happens if my device is lost / stolen / hacked?

Where is the information stored and who has access?

The listed FAQ is very basic and there is no help site. If I have a problem how do I know how many others have had the same or similar problems?

Feedback is to be sent to the GMC webmaster by email. So, the app is not a priority, but a trendy add-on.

Maurice (2 years ago)

What about a Windows phone version?

sandip chakrabarti (2 years ago)

i have an eportfolio and also RCPCH CPD diary. this will be the third CPD space for me. can they be collated together?

Dr Craig Mason (2 years ago)

Dr Jason - your RO is wrong. It cannot be dictated which toolkit you use and in fact, you could submit it all on paper if you wish. You can only 'fail' an appraisal/revalidation if there are serious short comings in your performance and you have insufficient evidence - not an easy position to end up in for most Drs imo. Ignore your RO as he is talking nonsense.
Craig (appraiser)

Dr. Win Naing (2 years ago)

That is what we really need, its a geatly essential tool, many thanks.

Florian Dhimitri (2 years ago)

The app should be available in windows platform, too. With windows 10 universal apps there will soon be more potential users than in android and ios.

Chidi (2 years ago)

I support the previous comment that the app should be available on the Windows platform. Some information needs to be given regarding the timeframe for its development.

Would a better approach by the GMC been to work with the Royal Colleges to develop one central site / app for all doctors. Already the Surgeons' Portfolio exists and has been around for some time with the aim of supporting the revalidation process for surgeons. Is the danger that we will now have lots of different apps trying to do the same thing?

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