Registration: I am a PA or AA with a qualification gained outside the UK and I have not previously worked in the UK

When do I need to apply?

Once regulation starts, you will need to register with us before you can begin practising as a physician associate (PA) or anaesthesia associate (AA) in the UK. Please keep an eye on our website for news on the expected start date.

How do I apply?

When regulation starts you can apply using our international registration process. You’ll need to either:

  • hold a qualification that’s on our list of acceptable overseas qualifications.


  • provide information about your programme (as long as it's not on our list of unacceptable qualifications). We will assess that information and may or may not add it to our acceptable list.

If you're a PA with an acceptable overseas qualification, you’ll need to sit the PA national exam (PANE). If you're an AA, you'll need to sit an equivalent assessment (currently under development, expected 2024). Once you have passed this assessment you will be eligible to apply for registration.

What evidence do I need to provide to apply for registration?

To join our register, you’ll need to show that:

  • you have the knowledge and skills to work safely as a PA or AA in the UK
  • there are no outstanding concerns about your fitness to practise. 

To do this, we’ll need to see:


You will need to provide evidence of your PA or AA qualification. We'll share more detail on this process before regulation begins.

If you’re a PA, we’ll work with the Royal College of Physicians to gain information about your PANE pass. For AAs, we'll work with the exam provider once they are named.

Evidence of English language skills

When you apply for registration you will also need to demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge of English to provide a good standard of practice and care in the UK. You can do this with an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET) certificate. Our scoring requirements will be set at the same level as for doctors (an overall score of 7.5, with a minimum score of 7.0 in each area for IELTS, or for OET, by achieving grade ‘B’ in each area).

We may also accept your primary medical qualification as evidence of English language proficiency if:

  • it is less than two years old when you apply for registration, and
  • it was taught and examined solely in English.

Likewise, if you’ve worked in a medical capacity for at least the past two years, in a country where English is the first and native language you may be able to use this as evidence of your English language skills. 

Employer and regulator references

An employer reference from your most recent PA or AA role. If you’ve registered with another healthcare regulator in the UK or overseas within the last five years, we’ll also ask for evidence of your good standing with them.

Please don’t gather references until we ask you. We’ll send you specific forms to fill in. These need to be signed and dated no earlier than three months before you apply for registration.

Employment history

Your employment history over the last five years. If you’ve had long breaks in your practice, you may be asked for extra evidence to explain the gaps.

Fitness to practise declaration

This is to assure us that there are no ongoing or previous concerns about your performance, professionalism or behaviour. It's also an opportunity to share any health concerns which may impact on your ability to work safely. If you need to declare a concern, this doesn’t mean you can’t join the register. We’ll ask for extra information to help us make the appropriate decision about your registration.