Watch our PA and AA student webinar

On Tuesday 15 November 2022, the Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) team hosted a Teams Live webinar for physician associate (PA) and anaesthesia associate (AA) students. Over 260 students joined us on the night, which is around 15% of all PA/AA students in the UK.

Clare Barton, our assistant director – MAPs, introduced the session and gave an overview of our progress towards regulation and achievements so far, as well as the next steps.

Colleagues from the MAPs team then answered a wide range of questions from students covering topics as diverse as prescribing rights, fees and career development. 

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Thank you to everyone that attended the event and for your interesting and insightful questions. We’ll be reviewing all of these to make sure that answers to the most commonly asked questions are covered in our FAQs or other communications.

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