Who are we working with to address the issues raised?

Who are you working with to address issues arising from this case?

We immediately contacted the police and other organisations responsible for healthcare services across all four countries of the UK. This included NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, and government officials in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We also contacted Zholia Alemi’s former employers.

Across the system, work is going on to establish the precise details of Zholia Alemi’s work history and whether there have been any complaints about the care she’s provided. This is to make sure arrangements are in place locally to respond to concerns from patients or their families and to make sure local arrangements for verifying the identity, qualifications and registration status of doctors are robust.

It’s vital that we all now take the necessary action to support patients and answer any questions they may have.

To give reassurance to patients, employers and the profession, we're also checking the primary medical qualifications of all doctors who joined the medical register using the same Commonwealth route as Zholia Alemi, and who are still licensed to practise in the UK. We’ve written to these doctors to let them know.