Temporary registration

The UK government has asked us to give temporary registration or a licence to practise to suitable people. This is part of the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This applies to doctors with a UK address who: 

  • left the register after March 2014
  • had registration but didn’t have a licence to practise. 

Doctors who’ve been given temporary registration with a licence to practise don’t have any open fitness to practise investigations, sanctions or conditions on their practice.

All of these doctors have a choice about returning to work. They can opt out of temporary registration or ask us to remove their temporary licence to practise, at any time.

Read more about temporary registration

If you haven’t received temporary registration or a licence to practise

If we haven’t given you temporary registration or a licence to practise, there are other ways you can help. UK health services are keen to encourage volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. This includes those who aren’t registered or licenced. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can find out more for the health service in the country where you live:

Advice in your country