Provisional registration

Provisional registration process for 2020

We emailed all final year medical students in the UK between 7 – 9 April, inviting them to apply for provisional registration. We’ll process applications at an earlier point than usual, as part of the government’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our guide for final year medical students has information about completing their application, what happens next and looking after their wellbeing.


What happens next?

As soon as final year medical students graduate, and we’ve confirmed they’re fit to practise, we’ll add them to the medical register. This means they’ll be able to take up interim F1 (FiY1) posts if they’re willing and able to.

The UK Foundation Programme (UKFPO) oversees the allocation of foundation posts. Start dates for FiY1 doctors will vary across the UK. It will depend on when students are able to graduate, as well as local arrangements. The UKFPO will liaise with foundation schools individually, but they’re aiming to allow new doctors to start work as FiY1s as soon as they’ve qualified and been provisionally registered.

Not all graduates will want, or be able, to work in an FiY1 post. New graduates can volunteer in other capacities, or wait to start their F1 post in August. Whatever they decide, their future training and progression will not be adversely impacted.

For more information about the Foundation Programme and FiY1 posts, visit the UKFPO's website. Read about our approach to provisional registration in our joint statement with the four UK governments, the Medical Schools Council and postgraduate deans.